By Andrew Ray

“Friends in South Africa?”
the postcard in the window enquired.

Yes, Jewish humanist sister Helen
In Jo’burg.
Ben Office trapped in G.U.G.U.L.E.T.O township

Shakes Mongozi my piano playing daddy drinking his
Life away

Athol whose passport has been confiscated.

Joseph who’ been hiding in a house for
Six months because he has no pass.

Daniel who waits on the railway siding to
Be shipped home.
Oh yes, I’ve millions of relations in South Africa.
But how can I write to them?

Table Talk

By Andrew Ray

The storm lashed devil’s peak
The blood-red water streamed
Down the twelve apostles as
The earth ran away to sea.

I was stupid enough to ask
“What is that?”
“that” came the reply “is Africa.”